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Embark on a transformative journey dedicated to embracing strength, vitality, and empowerment. My program is specially crafted to support women in achieving their health and fitness goals, fostering a container where women can thrive with my 1:1 support.



I am a NASM certified personal trainer dedicated to empowering women through fitness and holistic wellness. My journey toward optimal health led me to the transformative benefits of fitness and cyclical syncing, providing a pathway to newfound confidence and body awareness.

Having experienced the liberating effects of this lifestyle, I am passionate about sharing it with women who seek balance and strength. My mission is to empower and educate, guiding women on a journey to feel their best in both mind and body. Join me as we embark on a transformative path toward lasting well-being and strength for a lifetime.

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Join me in Portugal June 2024

I am hosting a yoga & surf reTreat with my BESTIE Meggie FROM june 15th-20th, 2024

Our retreat is more than a vacation; it's a holistic experience designed to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. The ocean's energy will awaken your spirit and rejuvenate your body and as the sun dips below the horizon, you will transition into the calming world of yoga. 




"Maëva's attention to detail with programming, her approach to fitness, and unconditional support has helped transform my relationship to fitness! I'm beyond grateful for Maëva's ability to hold me accountable and her strong emphasis on self-love. I feel so much more comfortable at the gym and confident in my skin! I highly recommend her 90-day program if you're a woman like me who's struggled with their weight for forever and has tried everything! This is the program for you!

- Alyssa

"Working with Maëva has been one of the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. She challenges you and is right by your side guiding you along the way the entire time. I can’t thank her enough for working with me at my level and giving me motivation to keep trying and pushing harder. I love how she incorporates the self love aspect and reminds me to stay gentle and patient with myself along this journey. It’s been a great experience and by far and the best money I’ve ever spent. Highly recommend!"

- Natalie

"If you're looking for community, support, and fitness, then Maëva's your lady! Maëva is a constant cheerleader for women. From 1:1's to group coaching, she's the best person to have in your corner. Not only does she bring the positive vibes but her planned workout routines focus on helping you make gains mentally and physically."

- Ardella

"Since working with Maëva, I have lost weight but also gained muscle. Even other people have asked me if I've lost weight. I overall feel better, and enjoy creating a routine in which I wake up early to workout and do something for me!

- Sierra